4 Tips for Dealing with the Busiest Times of the Year on the Road

AtlantaroadsFrom getting the kids to summer camp to adults who still need to get to work on time to commercial trucks delivering their load, the summer roads are congested with just about everyone imaginable. The weather is good, children and teens are off of school, and many people are on vacation. That makes the roads crowded, dangerous, and slow. The roads may be fuller, but your stress level doesn’t have to be higher! Keep these simple tips in mind to keep your cool during the peak summer travel months:

#1 Don’t be in a rush. No matter what you need to do and where you need to go, give yourself ample time to get this accomplished. It may mean packing everything up the night before you go, if your products don’t need to be in a certain climate controlled environment. If you think it will take you an hour to deliver something a few towns over, leave with more time than you need. This way, you won’t be upset when the roads are slow and you arrive in an hour and twenty minutes instead.

#2 Fill up with gas beforehand. You never want to run out of gas, or even almost run out of gas. Needing to find a gas station can add more than just a few minutes to your route, especially if your route takes you to a rural area. It’s a much better idea to fill up before you pull out and top it off before you head back.

#3 Bring snacks and water. The last thing you want to do once you finally get moving is pull off again. If you know your destination is several hours away, pack a few snacks and drinks to tide you over while en route. Not only is this time-saving, it is healthier and less costly as well.

#4 Download a traffic app. Yes, a regular GPS will tell you how to get to your destination, but it may also lead your straight into a construction zone that has all of this summer traffic funneled into one lane. How frustrating! There are several apps you can download that will give you the shorted route to your delivery, and also account for time of the day, traffic accidents, construction, congestion, and other problems that will slow you down. Check the app store!

This time of year is extremely crowded on the roads, but that doesn’t mean your company’s products don’t need to be delivered. However, you getting them there isn’t the only option. If you would rather a professional truck driver who has been to CDL school handle the roads right now, contact Triangle J Trucking. We offer refrigerated truck driving services, flatbed services, brokerage services and more.

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