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6 Questions To Ask Your Trucking Company

When trusting your products to an outside source, you can never be too careful. Having reliable delivery can make or break a business. Before deciding which company to use for logistics make sure to ask these questions first.

“Tell me about your business.”

First off, Google the company you’re considering. Use this to start the conversation. You want to know their history and a quick search can give you this information but by asking them yourself, you’ll be getting a more emotional response, a why rather than a how.

“What are your main responsibilities?”

This could be asked to a variety of people in the business, to get to know their company model and what each role does. If you’re concerned about a shipping manager being overworked and unable to focus on you as a customer, this is a great question to ask for vetting.

“What are your biggest challenges in shipping?”

You are looking for honesty in this question. Having challenges doesn’t equate a sub-par performance. People who understand their own challenges are usually the ones who can work through them.

“What happens when problems arise”

Be specific to your cargo. You want to know that: 1. They have a plan when things go awry. 2. What that plan is. This can show you the preparedness and efficiency of the company you have chosen to handle your products.

“What are your main priorities while moving freight?”

This answer can be tricky. You want to hear product integrity upon arrival and on time delivery. Depending on your product, you may lean toward one or the other. Some specifically sensitive products may require both be met. Judge this answer according to your needs.

“What qualities are needed to work for you?”

This answer is simple. You want to hear anything besides “must have a CDL.” Having a license is a given. You want to hear words like dedication, happy, productive, experienced; these words are top indicators that your product will be handled with care and that they, in turn, care about their drivers as much as your cargo.

“What other contracts do you have?”

You’ll want to know that have experience in handling a load like yours. If your situation is unique, it might be difficult to find a trucking company confident in your industry.

Take these questions into consideration and alter them to your specific needs. Be sure you know exactly what you want from a trucking company and don’t settle for price or any other factor over quality.

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