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How to Know When You Need a Flat-Bed

Sometimes, your shipping needs require a little more than just a regular truck. When that’s the case, you need to hire the services of a trucking company that offers a flat-bed. But, how do you know when it’s time to do this and how do you go about doing it? Both are great questions!

A flat-bed is great when:

The cargo is large or oddly-shaped. The most popular reason to use a flat-bed is because you’re shipping something very large, like pieces of a bridge or a manufactured home. Something like that is not going to fit inside a box truck!

The weather doesn’t matter. In a flat-bed, the cargo will be exposed to the elements. In many cases, this is not an issue. If a little rain and wind won’t damage the cargo, why pay more for a climate controlled, enclosed truck?

You need to go a long distance. When something must be towed long distances, flat-beds are a safer, more secure option. The cargo will undergo much less wear and tear since it is firmly strapped to the tow truck’s bed. In an enclosed truck, it may bounce around.

Dealing with special kind of loads is not an easy task for an inexperienced truck driver, especially keeping in mind that in many cases you are carrying goods that are very expensive and not easy to handle. Don’t try to do this alone; contact Triangle J Trucking! We specialize in hauling a variety of flatbed loads, including those requiring an extendable trailer. Please use our convenient contact form on this page, or feel free to email us or give us a call.

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