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What To Do When You Need Contracted Trucking

Is your business looking to ship items, yet keep your costs low? The correct solution to this is contracted trucking. Surprisingly, many companies do not know this option is available. They continue to pay freight costs, which go up and down on a whim and are nearly impossible to budget for. Make today the last day you fall victim to this!

What is Contracted Trucking?

A contract rate is a rate quote issued to a shipper that is to be held static for a period of time, usually one year. This means you will know exactly what you are paying for your shipping needs and there won’t be any surprises. It isn’t just about money though. For those shippers with sensitive freight needs requiring higher levels of service, performance and loyalty are very important. A “cheapest wins” carrier relationship is usually not one that promotes loyalty from you, nor yields a good-quality performance from them.

Who Can do This for Me?

A trucking company, of course! Triangle J Inc has many different styles of trucks and trailers: day cab for local hauling, mid-roof cabs for regional hauling, big sleeper trucks for our over the road hauling, flatbed, extendable flatbeds, refrigerated or temperature controlled trailers, as well as hopper bottom trailers. With our diverse lineup, we are set up to haul almost any type of product. Some of the products that we haul on a regular basis are concrete utility poles, drainage pipes, various types of building products, wood poles, structural steel, bridge beams, machinery, fresh and frozen meats, grocery products, produce, and a variety of farm products such as fertilizer, grains, feed, and ingredients. Each carrier is put through an intensive background check before they will qualify to pull one of our loads.

If you are new to the trucking industry, all of them can look the same. Each one has huge wheels and the ability to carry a lot of stuff. However, semi trucks can be very different and trucking companies can be as well! Don’t let yourself be confused. When you need a semi to pull your load, you need Triangle J, inc! We are a fully-licensed, bonded and insured transportation brokerage company that utilize only quality, “A” rated carriers and private fleets to secure consistent service and reliability. Call us today at 1-866-358-7695 to learn more about any of our services, including the transportation of temperature-sensitive freight.

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