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Safely Driving At Night

As a truck driver, it’s likely that you might spend some nights on the road, or at least past sunset. We know you’re a great driver but there are some differences in driving after dark versus in the bright of day. There are extra precautions to traveling at night because your peripheral visions, depth perception, and color identification all worse after dark.  We thought we would put together a refresher list of a few tips to safely driving at night.

Control Your Lights

To avoid unnecessary glare that ruins your night vision, try to dim your dashboard lights. Although you still want to be able to see and read them, it’s beneficial to dim the lights so that you don’t catch the glare while driving. This distracts you from what’s ahead of you. The same is true for the map lights above you. Try to keep those off unless you really need them to avoid a glare on your windshield.

Be courteous with your headlights. Turn your high beams to low when other vehicles approach and don’t stare directly into others’ headlights. This could mess with your vision and make it harder to see other obstacles for a few minutes.

Slow Down

Your low beams only light about 150 to 250 feet ahead of you while high beams illuminate 350 to 500 feet. If you’re going the standard 60mph, it could take you 200 feet to stop, which means that there isn’t much room to make a mistake. Drive slower than you normally would and be aware of your surroundings.

Watch for Animals

Many woodland creatures are nocturnal and roam at night. Watch for pairs of reflected light; these are eyes. You can often see an animals eyes long before you actually see them so it’s a nice heads-up to slow down and determine where it’s at and what its next move might be.

The main tips here us to simply be cautious of your surroundings. Be more alert than you might be during daylight hours and take it slow. Your safety is more important than any load you might be delivering.

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