The Busiest Roads: 4 Roads to Avoid in Georgia

AtlantainterstateIf you’ve been in this area long, it should come to no surprise to hear that our roads are busy. Exactly how busy may come as a shock though. Did you know that America’s deadliest interstate is in Georgia? It is true! In fact, there are several highways and roads to avoid if at all possible.

I-285. There were 2,867 fatal accidents on major American interstates in 2013, according to a study by the National Highway Traffic Association. That’s roughly eight a day. In that year, more happened on I-285 than anywhere else, resulting in more fatal accidents per mile than any other interstate. The interstate, which surrounds the city of Atlanta, had a total of 26 fatal accidents resulting in 29 deaths that year. While these numbers are several years old now, the interstate’s deadly reputation has not changed.

Georgia 400. The Georgia 400 is one of the busiest roads in Atlanta, and the entire state of Georgia. The road, which begins just north of downtown Atlanta, removed its toll in 2013, which has increased the number of drivers on the road. If you can avoid it, you should!

I-85. Interstate 85 is one of the most congested areas of roadway in the state of Georgia. An I-85 HOT lane extension is currently under construction, which will be a great thing in the future. However, this also means that construction will be underway until the project is completed, which could result in even more delays than before.

The Tom Moreland Interchange. Anytime drivers are trying to switch lanes, it’s going to be a dangerous spot. Sharp and steep curves on highways are a major cause of accidents every year, and those in the Atlanta area are no different. In fact, over an 11-year period in the city, there were 212 rollover crashes on highway curves, ramps, and interchanges like the Tom Moreland Interchange.

Atlanta is the home of six major interstates, and is therefore known for traffic, impatient commuters, and congestion. The combination of vehicles travelling at interstate speeds, heavy traffic, and aggressive drivers can be dangerous. This can be particularly tricky if you’re trying to get through it all with a large load to deliver. Instead, let Triangle-J, Inc’s professional truck drivers handle these precarious roads for you! We can be reached at (912) 693-1977 or

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