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Tips For New Truckers

If you’re just getting into the trucking industry, you might have a few questions. It can be daunting to plunge headfirst into such a community of truckers but there are a few tips and secrets we can give you to make the transition easier. Let’s see what we have to offer.


This one might seem like a no-brainer, but remember that your office isn’t a desk or cubicle. Your truck is your workspace and you’ll spend plenty of time alone in there, without a boss hovering. You’ll still need to report to them, however, and update them on your day, ride, and load.

Safety Check

Be sure that you’re following road safety practices. You’re not only representing yourself as a trucker but your entire company. Keep to the speed limit, leave ample room to stop, and use your lights and blinkers.

Eat Well

While on the road, it’s easy to have a fast food meal two or three times a day. While these are convenient, it’s not healthy to eat these foods daily. Try various ways to make your own healthy meals on the road. Crock pots and hot plates are easy to transport and can make delicious meals on the fly.

Be Prompt

With many loads, you’re given a specific time limit to make the delivery. Generally, you’ll have plenty of time to get there without breaking any speed laws but dawdling can make you late. It’s always best to be on time or even early for a delivery (the same is true for a pick-up) rather than missing it.

Be Aware

This could fall into the “safety” category but it’s so important that we wanted it to stand out. Be aware of your surroundings, your trailer, other cars, the time, etc. Make sure that your trailer hasn’t drifted to the road line or across lanes. Look out for other cars; many of them aren’t aware of your blind spots or ability to stop.

Keep these tips in mind as you settle in and adjust to your new position. We would be happy to have you in our family of truckers. Apply to be a driver with us below.

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