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Why Truck with Triangle J

If you’re looking to make a career change, or if you’re hoping to part ways with your current trucking company, we’d love to have you join our team at Triangle J. We offer competitive benefits to all of our drivers, and if you’re committed to getting the job done, we think our company be a great fit for you. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider coming to truck with us.

Our motto is “meeting the needs of customers with honesty, integrity, and quality.” We hold our company to a high standard because we value our customers. However, we value our drivers just as much. We know that without our truckers, our business comes to a halt (literally!). Another benefit is that we’re a local company, so you’ll be working with real people who know you as a human being rather than a number on a piece of paper. If you want a job where you’ll be appreciated for the hard work you put in, Triangle J is that place.

We are a diversified company, and we provide many different services. We particularly handle oversized loads, refrigerated/temperature controlled products, and hopper bottoms for grain hauling loads. Because of the variety, we’re sure to have a position that lines up with your experience and qualifications. Alternatively, if you’re looking to learn something new, we’re a great place for you to do just that.

Because we’re a local company, you’ll likely be delivering the majority of your loads within the southeast. This is a benefit that you don’t get with the big companies, who might ask you to deliver in a completely different part of the country. Shorter trips mean more time at home for you, which is important to all of our drivers. We think this is a big plus for those considering working with us.

We’re rising leaders in the trucking industry, and our founders have significant experience in the field. By working with Triangle J, you’re working with a company that has the know-how to provide a positive work experience for you. We know what it’s like to log those long hours on the road, and we’re committed to supporting our drivers in any way that we can.

Sound like a good deal? Visit our site today to apply to work with us. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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