Why You Should Outsource Your Trucking (to us!)


Efficient transportation is a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace as many companies now serve customers across the country, not just in their hometown. However, just because you run a company successful enough that people a few states over are demanding your goods doesn’t mean you should handle a huge fleet in-house. Outsourcing the transportation processes to a third party logistics provider is more common than some shippers might think. Third-party trucking companies offer a suite of services, including refrigerated services, flatbed services, and more.

It Will Save You Money

Owning and operating trucks and trailers to haul freight is extremely expensive. An adequate number of trucks and trailers requires a huge capital investment. With a fleet this large you must also consider the need for in-house maintenance, repair facilities, and staff. And don’t forget buildings and other infrastructure needed to house them. It’s not hard to see why these endeavors can cost millions of dollars. Outsourcing to Triangle-J Inc., on the other hand, requires none of these things.

It is Less Risky

Outsourcing transfers the risks of transportation operations to Triangle-J Inc. and away from yourself. You will be protected from penalties and fines should anything accidentally be mishandled. As well, if a shipment is lost, stolen or damaged, it’s the trucking company’s responsibility to replace. Of course, going with a professional third-party transportation company lowers these incidents anyway.

You’ll Benefit From the Best Technology

Purchasing a truck or two is one thing, but keeping these trucks actually up-to-date with the best features you need to stay competitive is another. There is now technology available, which Triangle-J Inc. uses, that can help easily track packing en route, optimize routes, and configure the best way to optimize loading.

It is More Flexible

Even if you already have one truck, you may choose to outsource some of your deliveries to add more flexible shipping to your list of services, like a temperature controlled truck for food deliveries. During certain seasons or due to the introduction of a new product, you may need more capacity than you can handle on your own. 

Some of the largest companies in the country have chosen to outsource their fleets, rather than owning. If you are a small- or medium-sized business owner, with even more limited resources, you would benefit from this kind of thinking. Contact Triangle-J Inc. today and find out how we can help.

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